The “I’m right, you’re wrong, Thumb Wrestle to Rightness”.

Illustration + Card Design

Each Christmas, We the Collective sends their clients some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and a creative greeting. This particular year, the creative challenge landed in my lap. I had my mind set on coming up with something simple and fun, which would hopefully become a little keepsake.

After pondering over this and a few cookies, my sugar high sparked an idea and the “I’m right, you’re wrong, Thumb Wrestle to Rightness” concept was born – a Lucha Libre themed thumb wresting card which doubled as a (usually) safe and effective workplace problem solving technique. The final design was a playfully illustrated after a few workplace characters and printed on heavy recycled chip paper with die cut thumb holes.



Role: Concept, Design, Illustration
Agency: We the Collective
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